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Add instant productivity to any application with hot spot shortcuts, mouse gestures, extra button assignments, text selection tools, Paste2 search utility, clipboard extender and quick text manager.

Easily control the system volume and see how far you travel with your mouse every day. Throw in a quick launch toolbar and you'll never need another program launcher again. FunMouse does it all!

FunMouse is designed as a natural mouse extender which means you can use as much or as little of its features as you like.

FunMouse comes installed with a minimal feature set enabled. As you become more familiar with what it can do, you will almost certainly end up enabling all of the features it has to offer as FunMouse will show you a completely new way to interact with windows while at the same time keeping all the standard mouse features you are already familiar with.

Not only will FunMouse make you more productive in a work environment, it is also our aim to make it more fun using your mouse.

This is what the default mouse support that is installed with Windows should have been all along!

Features at a glance

Global Functions

Hotspot Touch
Clipboard Manager
Paste to any window
Mouse Gestures
Information Hub
Mouse Statistics
Easy Shortcut Creator
Hotspot Clicks
Spellcheck Globally
All FunMouse Features

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